A tribute to Diana Holloway


What does one say about a woman who has given so much of her life to the care and welfare of birds? As many know, the companion bird community lost a true friend to the avian world on January 19, 2009 when Diana Holloway left this world.

Diana was deeply involved in the various bird organizations, The Amazona Society, AFA, Tanygnanthus Society founder to name a few. She also found time to serve as a board member of several bird endeavors. She was a benefactor to some avian rescues as well, offering both financial and emotional support.

Each time she had an opportunity to travel to an avian conference or convention, she would plan her vacation around this event. While there, she invariably supported the cause by purchasing an item or two, sometimes something as small as a tiny bird statue. Other times she would visit a local museum while attending an avian event, and find a bird treasure to bring home. Both of her homes in Ohio and Florida were filled with these wonderful treasurers.

For thirty years she devoted her time and energies to learning more about birds, sharing what she knew and meeting those that lived with birds. One could call upon Diana at any time asking about birds and she would gladly share what she knew with no strings attached. She possessed a vast knowledge of the avian species and was an avid presenter at dozens of conferences. When those ‘Amazons Rule’ fans were available through TAS, she often had one at the ready, waving it gaily during her presentation or while staffing a TAS table.

She applauded those that took on the challenges of re-homing unwanted birds and their interim care. Diana had mentioned a few times that she wanted to help champion the cause of unwanted birds when she retired to Florida and had to rehome her own flock prior to her move south. Writing about the inequities among rescues and avian organizations was also on her list of ‘to-dos’ upon her retirement. One can only imagine what words she would have put to paper.

To have known her was to see the sparkle in her eyes when she spoke of birds, especially Amazon parrots. To hear her laugh- I can finally hear it again- was akin to eagerly awaiting the song of a canary. Her humor was infectious and drew people in. Diana had marvelous energy for birds and the people that truly cared for and about them. She valued those that put birds first in their lives as she did. A question she would often put to people she befriended was, ‘what kind of Amazon parrot are you?’

Most of all, she was a mentor and a friend that will truly be missed. Those whose lives she touched now have the momentous challenge of carrying on the mission of bird care with her words of encouragement whispering within our memories. Thank you Diana, I am humbled having known you.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Wieske
The Amazona Society, Michigan Advisor

> Ann Arbor Companion Bird Club Vice President & Co-Chair of Annual Exhibition
> Home Again Avian Rescue


(This piece was offered to Bill Holloway, Diana’s husband, for approval which he readily gave. And I quote: ‘…she shared and taught so graciously and eagerly, that will be her legacy, that all she gave will go on and on like a ripple on a pond.’)